With a little patience, you'll find the future on your doorstep with savings built right in. Need them installed? Perfect - We can help.


LightWise lighting products are your first step to experiencing what we are all about. People get excited about things that save money, invest in everyone's future and give everyone something newer and better.


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LightWise is a lighting modernization membership.

By joining - you get new lights that save you money with no up-front cost. Simple.



Update your lighting to the newest energy saving technologies. We make it easy - with no up-front cost. It's easy to begin. Just sign up, get in line and leave the rest to us!


LightWise makes saving every month a snap! Your existing light bulbs - even CFL's - burn enough electricity to pay for an upgrade to LED's when you switch to LightWise.


CFL's are full of chemicals that hurt the environment and aren't as efficient as they claim. Incandescent bulbs are 10% efficient meaning most of the energy manifests as heat. LED bulbs are 92% efficient.

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